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V-fit STG Viper Home Multi Gym with Leg Press 150lb

V-fit STG Viper Home Multi Gym with Leg Press 150lb

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Our latest addition to a great range of home use multi gyms, the V-fit Viper sits alongside our ever popular V-fit Python home gym to offer a contrast between apparatus. The Viper Multigym uses an alternative pulley ratio of 1:1 and this means that although the overall resistance may be lower (but still very substantial) the amount of weight selected is the exact amount of weight lifted. As a result of this, workouts are easier to keep track of, the action of the exercises becomes smoother and with 15 weight plates to select from, the jump up to the next level is not quite as harsh. This contrasts with the V-fit Python Multigym which uses only ten weight plates but has a 2:1 pulley ratio to generate a higher overall resistance but at the expense of the smoothness and difference between weight levels.

The Viper is a deluxe home use gym and this can be seen in multiple areas such as the depth of padding in the seats, the overall build quality and the structural strength reflecting in both design and construction along with an excellent paint finish.

But now we'd like to introduce this model's ace up its sleeve - the detachable Leg Press.  No other gym in our range, or indeed most other gyms in this price bracket sport one of these.  It's an essential exercise in strengthening the quads, a great alternative to squats and is complemented perfectly by the leg extension which is also featured on this gym. The Leg Press is quickly & easily removed without the use of tools, to be replaced just as easily by the included Preacher Pad. Storage for both is provided at the rear of the gym.

Take a look at the table below to see the key differences between both of our top of the range gyms:

Spec & Chart

V-fit Viper Home Gym V-fit Python Home Gym
Pulley Ratio 1 to 1 2 to 1
Number of weight selections 15 10
Total resistance 150lb 220lb
Leg Press Y  
Preacher Pad Y Y
Stepper   Y
Pec Dec Y Y
Press Station Y Y
Leg Extension Y Y
Lower Station Y Y
Lat Tower Y Y
Upper Station Y Y
Adjustable Seat Height Y Y
EZ style Lat Bar attachment   Y
Curved Lat Bar attachment Y  
Row Bar attachment Y Y
Ankle Cuff attachment Y Y
Twin Hand Pull attachments Y  


Product Dimensions when assembled: L190cm x H202cm x W106cm @ 126kg


12 Months Parts Supply - Domestic Use Only.


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  • standard delivery to UK mainland is next working day (Monday – Friday), 
  • highlands delivers can be 48hrs to 72hrs
  • offshore islands can be between 48 & 96 hrs
  • An pallet deliveries can be within 72hrs, delivery to kerbside only.

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